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Retro Gaming -- a thing gone by or coming new??

As they say, there is no second chance to make a first impression. How about a second trip to the games that carved very firm first impressions on our minds for eternity Here I have tried to present an account of games that are of the past but very much a part of our present .Yes, I am talking about 8-bit games........So let us try and relive them.


The czar of gaming, probably the best action game ever made. This is the game that has been etched in our memory. It had it all; great level design, excellent music, and great gameplay. It ruled the charts and commanded respect of gamers all over and still does.


The game had an arsenal of crazy power-ups and unique locations. The game's climax was straight out of a Hollywood flick, with explosions and a recognition speech. Classic gaming at its best.


Mario saving the princess is a classic tale, dodging the turtle and escaping death. Mario would beat up turtles and flying fish, to reach his princess, at times disappointed to meet the maid instead.

This was a great game, played by young and old. It laid the foundation for one of the biggest franchise in the world of gaming.


I remember the first time I played Spartan; it reminded me of a classic kung-fu. The game was fast, very fast. One could just go around cracking jaws and belting blows and within a matter of seconds you finish the level.

The protagonist was quick and skilled; he could wipe off a group of enemies in no time. Spartan defines the Beat'em up genre.


Anybody mentioning of classic games can only miss the name of Pacman to be beaten up with stones. This great arcade game became extremely popular because of its addictive gameplay. It doesn't get simpler than this; Pacman was the absolute definition of great gameplay. All one did was avoid a few bugs and survive, but even that could make you sit for hours. The game required more than average skills, it may look simple but it was challenging at later levels.

As the stages pass by, the level of difficulty is increased by a certain amount and that try ever, give up never thing suits the game very correctly.

Road Fighter

So you thought that Need for Speed Most Wanted was the most famous racing game ever and Burnout was the most awesome racing experience, then you got it wrong buddy. It may not be your fault 'coz you might not have got your hands onto this great 8-bit racing game known as the Road Fighter.


Duck Hunt
The most awesome experience of its time, Duck Hunt was way ahead of its time.

You could spend hours shooting and waiting for the catch, it is a unique experience.

Well if you thought that that's all, then you got it wrong.....beacuse the list continues on and on and on....But because of space constraints, I can't mention them all.

And don't be crying of nostalgia when you hear about these games beacuse you can play all of these on your PC also.......You just need the ROM file(.NES) of the game and a useful emulator like NES..So, pack up and enjoy the bits (and bytes).

By:Mridul Kapoor


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